Smart Mobility


Sub Project Description Objective
Pedestrianization and Retrofitting of Bazaar Streets Pedestrianization/pedestrianization priority with restricted / one way traffic movement
Retrofitting of City Roads with Public Transport Priority for public transport, provision of side walks, public transport infrastructure, underground utilities below side walk, street furniture, improvement of carriage way surface and storm water drainge
Retrofitting/Improvement of Access Roads/Local Streets Under ground utilities, surface trearment and street furniture in neighbourhood areas
All major Junctions Improvement To achieve efficient and safe movemnet of pedestrains and vehicles with smart traffic management systems
New Public Transit Corridors To improve public transport and traffic movement in ABD Area
4 Nos of Multilevel parking projects (183 Crores) To shift on street parking to off street Multi Level Parking (MLP)
MEG-SHI-004 (a) At Secretariat Hill
MEG-SHI-005 (b) Mothphran Junction
MEG-SHI-006 (c) Near Polo Junction
MEG-SHI-007 (d) Near Barik Junction (as per us) / Police Bazaar (as per MOHUA)